Creative Investigation

TRACES is a nonprofit research and multimedia studio.
We investigate and document the animal industry to produce creative content as a means to shape how the lives of animals are seen, felt and heard.

Research Investigation Creative Work Sharing
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Research & Investigation
Conduct new methods in investigative journalism, archival research, and in-depth interviews while working experimentally in the field to produce audiovisual content including film, photography and audio recordings

Creative work
Concept and produce in-house and commissioned documentaries, photography series, and new forms of multimedia content

Content distribution
  • Publish, showcase and share content through film fests, exhibitions, and events 
  • Building and maintaining an extensive online video and photography archive to provide high quality content to other animal protection advocates.

Our approach traces systemic violence through forensic methods and artistic creation to radically rethink animal rights in a broader context.

We work with specialists across many disciplines including forensics, ecology, critical animal studies, contemporary art and media. We’re revealing content that goes well beyond the animal protection field while establishing a new resource and archive for other NGOs and the media.

Critical Ecology
Investigative Journalism
Critical Animal Studies